Climate and Weather in Crete

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Climate and Weather in Crete

The climate in Crete is characterized by mild rainy winters and hot dry summers. The climate of Crete is a Temperate Mediterranean Climate.

There are significant differences between the coastal zone and the mountain areas, as well as between the west and the east of the island. The mountains of Crete form a barrier from East to West that protect the southern coast from the northern winds and trap the clouds that sweep down the Aegean. The result is that the weather may be cloudy and rainy in the north and sunny on the south coast where the clouds are not often present.

Coastal area:

Dry summer, mild winter. The rainy season begins in late October and ends in March or April. The snowfalls are extremely rare in the area along the coast of Crete, especially in the eastern part of the island.

The eastern part of Crete

(Sitia area) is more dry and warmer than the west (Chania district). This is clearly visible in the vegetation. Chania is greener than the desert area around Sitia.

The same difference is present between the north and the south coast of Crete, with the south coast drier and hotter.

The winter

In the mountainous area of Crete can be very cold with large snowfalls. It is not unusual to face closed roads due to snow. On the high peaks of Mount Ida and the White Mountains, the snow can be present till the end of June.

  Days of Rain Rain in mm
Athens 55 404,4
Salonicco 121 437,3
Iraklio (Creta) 86 288,5
Rodi 74 535,3
Kerkira 147 1083,8

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