Disk of Festo – Crete

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Disk of Festo – Crete

The Disk of Festo is a manufactured article in terracotta still dipped in the legend and in the mystery. It was recovered under a wall of the building of Festo in 1907 from two archaeologists: Luigi Pernier and Fred Halbherr and the attribution of a date with the stratigraphical method it sets it around the 1700 a.C.

The first particolarità s that jump to the eye are the dimensions of the disk: 16 cms of diameter for 16 mms of thickness. In according to place it appears interesting the way according to which the disk has been decorated: it deals with a motive to spiral that of it exactly concludes in the center of the disk, on both the sides.

Inside the spiral 241 separated symbols have turned back in groups with of the “bolts” that they close the space of writing. The lower part number of unique symbols, 45 have made to hypothesize a syllabic system, the fact stays that to today, after numerous attempts, the disk has been illegible.

A last curiosity:

The symbols have not been engraved, on the contrary “printed” on the fresh clay of the disk.

The Disk of Festo is currently preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion.

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